MUL-T-LOCK CLIQ padlocks



Mul-T-Lock’s Interactive® CLIQ® presents a hybrid mechanical locking solution, which offers the tried-and-true reliability of superior mechanical keys and cylinders and the programming sophistication and flexibility inherent in electronic locks.

The best of both worlds – a truly successful marriage of electrical and mechanical locking systems, offering a double layer of impenetrable security.

CADENAS_cliq_2Data tracking – A special control key enables easy access to precise Audit Trail data from every cylinder in a facility, and that data can be uploaded swiftly onto a PC for review.

Individual keys – Encrypted with tamper-proof codes, each key is designated for use by one individual only. If the key is lost, it is simply rendered obsolete, and a new key, with a new code is generated in its place.

Time-based permission – Interactive CLIQ enables the designation of specific windows of time wherein access to a given cylinder by a given user is permitted.

Convenient and cost-effective – our dual-locking systems are wire free, simple to install, and easy to plan and use on a daily basis.